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Gluten-Free Beach Essentials

by Elyse the Gluten-Free Foodee

Going to the beach when living gluten-free, brings with it some unique challenges. However, with some preparation, and planning, you can have an amazing beach day. That’s why we are sharing our list of the best gluten-free beach essentials.

Previously we shared our gluten-free road trip tips, to help you when you’re travelling. Now we are focused on the destination. 

These gluten-free beach essentials mainly focus on keeping gluten-free food stored safely. This should make it so you don’t have to lug around unnecessary items. Always remember to have a selection of snacks and foods; so you aren’t left trying to find a gluten-free substitute, where there might not be one. You cannot always guarantee that there will be safe foods/treats at smaller, or out-of-the-way locations. If you want some gluten-free dining tips click here.

There are many product recommendations on this list. No matter the claim, you should always read the labels of the products you are using, to ensure they truly are gluten-free. This is because products made in different areas or even a new flavour or formula can alter their gluten status.

Gluten-Free Beach Essentials


Wearing and reapplying sunscreen is a must at the beach for everyone. If you are looking for gluten-free sunscreens, we compiled a great list to help you demystify the vast sunscreen aisle – Click here to get the list.

Summer beauty beach bag

There are many beauty products to help protect your skin and keep you looking your best at the beach. Simply check that the brands you use are gluten-free, such as SuperGoop, Beach Bum, and Fenty.Also, click here to get our gluten-free beauty list to make that easier.


Having great gluten-free snacks with you is very important, as you may not have access to gluten-free snacks, at the beach, boardwalk, or a nearby grocery store. For delicious gluten-free snack ideas, read our list of the best gluten-free snacks on the go list, our gluten-free chip list, gluten-free chocolate list, and gluten-free candy list.

A Cooler

A sturdy cooler, or cold bag is essential if you are bringing perishable foods like meats, cheeses, dips, or even just to hold cold drinks. If necessary, you may want a separate cooler for gluten-free foods. This is especially true if you are out with a large group, and have multiple coolers. By keeping gluten-free foods in a separate cooler, you don’t have the confusion of gluten-free foods getting eaten by mistake.

Plastic containers

Ensure that you bring a few extra empty containers. This allows you to downsize leftovers while keeping gluten-free foods clearly identified.


Make sure you bring the appropriate gluten-free bun for your proteins. For example, cold cuts pair well with soft buns or regular gluten-free bread. Hamburger buns and hot dog buns are also a must, as you may not be able to get ones you like locally.

Meats and proteins

It is easier to minimize cross-contact by using all gluten-free meats or proteins, rather than cooking regular and gluten-free burgers, hot dogs, etc., on the same grill. Everyone can have their own type of bun, as those come in separate bags, as long as you don’t toast regular buns on the same grill. It also makes packing easier, if you don’t have to bring two kinds of hot dogs, burgers, etc… Not to mention it makes those who are gluten-free feel less singled out if everyone is having the same food.

If you are using one grill you can always place a grill mat on half the grill to clearly indicate which side the gluten-free foods are being cooked on.

Having separate gluten-free tongs, and BBQ tools, might be a good investment if you are cooking both gluten, and gluten-free proteins on the same grill. This is because you may not be able to adequately clean the utensils. Again, keeping all proteins gluten-free will help make this easier.

Gluten-free marshmallows

Bring marshmallows with you and pair them with gluten-free chocolate (check out our ultimate gluten-free chocolate guide for safe choices) and gluten-free graham crackers to make s’mores.

Tip: Always keep chocolate bars cold in the cooler. This way they won't melt until it's time for the s'mores.

Gluten-free condiments

You need condiments for sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and more. Not everyone thinks to read condiment labels looking for gluten, but it can be in many of your favourites. Remember that any condiments that may contain egg, cream, and/or dairy need to be kept cold to ensure food safety.
Check out our ultimate guide to condiments:

Phone Charger

A portable phone charger is always a must, as you may want/ or need to use your phone. This is because you may need to look up a grocery store/restaurant/ product to find out what your gluten-free options are in the area, you’re in. While having a fully charged phone is great for everyone, it is more important when you need to access information quickly. 

Waterproof portable speaker

Music helps to make your beach day all the more fun no matter your diet.

A set of reusable plates

One way to help keep the carbon footprint of your beach day down, is to use reusable items over disposable ones. A set of reusable plates and cutlery is perfect to bring with you. You can use different colour plates to help keep gluten and gluten-free plates separate from one another.

First aid kit

No beach day is complete without having a first aid kit on hand.


Make sure to have plenty of water and drinks available to you. You can also bring a gluten-free water enhancer, like Mio, to add flavour to plain water.

These gluten-free beach essentials will have you safely enjoying your beach outing.

What are some of your gluten-free beach essentials?
Let us know in the comments below.
We love hearing from our Gluten-Free Foodees, as it is through sharing that we all learn to live our best gluten-free lives easier.

The Beach is Calling!

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