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Tips For Hosting A Gluten-Free Cookie-Baking Night!

by Elyse the Gluten-Free Foodee

A traditional cookie exchange is a fun way to share sweet treats and try something new. Today, we are sharing tips on hosting a gluten-free cookie-baking night.

As you know, gluten-free baking is an entirely different type of baking. One would have to know several gluten-free friends and/or family. Or be blessed with people willing to bake gluten-free. But then you’d be concerned that ‘every’ ingredient they’ve used was in fact, gluten-free. So we’ve come up with a fun and interactive social gathering that everyone can enjoy.

Now “cookie exchanges” usually mean that your loved ones come with their pre-baked goodies in hand. But a gluten-free cookie-baking night is when each of your guests brings one ingredient so you can bake and share your favourite gluten-free goodies together. While you might have the particular gluten-free flour you like, someone might bring nuts, brown sugar, coconut, gluten-free chocolate chips etc… This way everyone helps.

There are a few reasons for this. First, they might learn more about baking gluten-free. Second, baking with friends is enjoyable. If you want to make traditional sugar cookies, think of the fun you can have decorating them with homemade royal icing. Third, baking in one central location assures everyone that the treats were made in a gluten-free environment. Fourth, they can go home armed with new recipes and great treats.

But does it still seem too early for holiday baking? Perhaps, but it’s not too early to begin planning and trying out recipes that might (or not) make the cut or the holidays.

In need of some baking tips or tried & true recipes? Click the links below.

The goal of a gluten-free cookie-baking night is to make one or two recipes, so everyone can try them and have a hand in making them. Have copies of the recipes for your guests to take home. Maybe even attach them to a decorative holiday tin for a thoughtful take-home gift.

Fun Fact: December 22 is National Cookie exchange or cookie swap day in the United States.

Tips For Hosting A Gluten-Free Cookie-Baking night

How many people to invite?
How many people can your kitchen accommodate, when baking? Mind you, when friends and family get together, the more the merrier! Especially if there are gluten-free libations, served.

Invitations: perhaps an e-invite is best- outlining what you are planning. Then you can list the key ingredient you will need, and they can tell you which they can bring when they RSVP

Date and time: This will determine what food you make (like a gluten-free charcuterie board or appetizers) and if you will be serving a meal. Let everyone know if kids are invited, as decorating cookies is an activity everyone enjoys.

How many recipes should you make? Choose no more than three, as you want time to socialize and eat!

Armed with these tips, your “new version” gluten-free cookie bake gathering will be a roaring success!

How does this type of gluten-free baking night sound?

Do you have a favourite go-to treat to make? Let us know in the comments below.

Remember that every Tuesday until December 20th, we are sharing a new gluten-free holiday dessert recipe with you.

Happy Baking!

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