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Gluten-Free Holiday Dessert Recipe Round-Up And Holiday Dessert Recipe Share Announcement

Week 1 of our Gluten-Free Holiday Dessert Recipe

by Elyse the Gluten-Free Foodee

Last year we shared a holiday dessert each week from November through Christmas and by popular demand, we’re doing it again! So, every Tuesday from today until Dec. 20th we are sharing a new gluten-free holiday dessert recipe. Now, these are good recipes at any time of year, but they are especially amazing for the holidays. This year’s kick-off announcement is also a gluten-free holiday dessert recipe roundup of favourites.

Gluten-free baking can be tricky, any tip to ensure you get a perfect product is helpful. This is true whether you like to adapt your traditional gluten recipes the way I do, or are making anything from our gluten-free holiday dessert recipe roundup. First, you’ll need to have your pantry ready- check out our list of basic gluten-free baking pantry staples for help. The second is to find the best flour for the job and we’ve put together a comprehensive roundup of gluten-free flour reviews. Third, we have some guides that will help give you all the tips you need:

If you are looking for treats you don’t bake, or want mix-ins for your bakes, check out THE ULTIMATE GLUTEN-FREE CANDY LIST and THE ULTIMATE GLUTEN-FREE CHOCOLATE LIST.

Are you tasked with baking both gluten and gluten-free? Check out these tips to prevent cross-contact.

Gluten-Free Holiday Dessert Recipe Round-Up

THE BEST GLUTEN-FREE CHOCOLATE CARAMEL COOKIE BAR RECIPE: This is a square/ tray bake that anyone will love. The recipe combines a crisp cookie base with sweet caramel, and smooth, creamy chocolate. Delicious! It is everything a holiday treat should be. Not to mention you can skip the nuts on top and use finishing flaky salt for a sweet and salty treat- or leave them plain. This is an easy recipe that can yield a lot depending on how you cut them. I like to cut them into 1/2-inch squares if they are on a cookie tray.

CHEWY CHOCOLATE DIPPED GLUTEN-FREE COCONUT MACAROONS RECIPE: These delicious, and easy-to-make, macaroons will be a welcomed addition to any holiday cookie/dessert tray. Plus, there are only four ingredients! They are so delicious you can skip the chocolate dip if you wish. Not to mention that they are perfect for Hanukkah celebrations.

THE BEST GLUTEN-FREE HELLO DOLLY DESSERT BAR RECIPE EVER: This is a cookie that is known by many names, angel bars, magic bars, or seven-layer bars, to make a few. Regardless of what they are called, they are always a delicious, crowd-pleasing favourite on every dessert tray. They have a homemade sweet graham cracker base, topped with chewy coconut, crunchy nuts, and decadent chocolate enrobed with sweetened condensed milk. I mean, come on. My mouth is watering just typing this. They are like when a dessert bar meets an actual chocolate bar. Just yum!

THE BEST GLUTEN-FREE SHORTBREAD COOKIE RECIPE EVER: Making shortbread that doesn’t spread, and is gluten-free is difficult, but this recipe solves those issues. As they are perfectly soft, have crisp edges, and are delicious. The cookie simply melts in your mouth with a perfect sandy texture and they hold their shape beautifully. We are confident they will leave Santa very happy on Christmas Eve.

Tip: You can use this recipe for a base for bars that call for a shortbread base.

THE BEST GLUTEN-FREE FAT ALBERT BAR RECIPE EVER: This is another square or tray bake that goes by more than one name, I know them as Fat Albert Bars (no clue why they are named that), but sometimes they are called nut bars, or caramel nut bars. They combine a homemade sweet graham cracker base, topped with toasted chopped nuts, and are covered in a buttery caramel. I love a recipe that yields many squares – they are perfect for cookie trays or cookie exchanges.

AMAZING GLUTEN-FREE CANDIED PECANS AND ALMONDS RECIPE: This salty-sweet and savoury treat are popular, easy, and versatile. They can be eaten on their own, added to complement another dessert, or included on a cheese board, gluten-free Charcuterie board, or in Charcuterie cups. I filled small cupcake liners with them and placed them at the center of my cookie trays- the nuts were a huge hit.

GLUTEN-FREE PEANUT BUTTER AND JAM SHORTBREAD THUMBPRINT COOKIE RECIPE: This takes the classic combination of peanut butter and jam, and mixes it with the traditional thumbprint cookie… this is a winning, crowd-pleasing cookie.

THE ULTIMATE TRADITIONAL GLUTEN-FREE RICE PUDDING RECIPE: Rice-based desserts are a staple of gluten-free recipes. You can make a gluten-free ricotta cake or you can make a delicious, creamy pudding-like our ultimate traditional gluten-free rice pudding recipe. This recipe works for an amazing dessert or as a great breakfast option.

GLUTEN-FREE SWEET RICOTTA PIE RECIPE: This sweet ricotta pie is a great addition to holiday breakfasts, lunches, and brunches, and also works as an after-dinner dessert. This is a simple recipe that you will be making for any event or occasion. In my Italian family, this is a staple of every Christmas and Easter celebration.

Armed with the recipes from our gluten-free holiday dessert recipe round-up, you’ll be sure to be the Star Baker of any holiday celebration. What is better than that

So stay tuned and check back on Tuesdays to see what desserts we are whipping up, and truly impress your guests with!

What is your favourite gluten-free holiday dessert recipe?
Let us know in the comments below.
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The secret ingredient in baking is always love.

🎄 Happy holiday baking 🎄

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