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9 Gluten-Free Road Trip Tips

The weather is warmer and that means we are going out more and now planning road trips. We’ve put together 9 gluten-free road trip tips, to make the experience easier.

If you are new to being gluten-free make sure to check out our Gluten-Free Guide For Beginners and our 15 Steps To Going Gluten-Free.

Like anything, when you are gluten-free a road trip requires a little more planning than usual. However, with the help of these tips, it should be much easier.

9 Gluten-Free Road Trip Tips

1) Pack plenty of easy snacks:

This includes items like chips, crackers, pretzels, popcorn, chocolate or candy. Try to pack enough so they will last you both ways of your trip- Check out our snacks on-the-go list to help. Even if you over pack these snacks, as long as you don’t open them, or seal them well, using chip clips, or airtight containers, you can continue to enjoy them once you return home.

2) Bake some treats for the Road:

Having some safe sweet treats is always a good idea, and it is even better if they can double as breakfast options.

3) A good cooler or insulated cooler bag:

Even if you are going on a day trip, having a cooler for perishable foods is a must. This way you can keep snacks like yogurt, dip for veggies, cut-up fruit, and sandwiches cold.

Pro Tip: Freeze bottles of water so they can act like ice, and save you some cleanup

4) Be armed with information:

If you stop at a rest stop or gas station, you may not know which treats you can buy on the go, as they may not have labelled gluten-free options- check out our chip list, chocolate list, and candy list to help you through this because “we have snacks in the car” might not fly with the little ones, and buying snacks on the go can be a fun experience you don’t have to skip out on.

5) Check out grocery stores along the way:

Instead of going to a rest stop or convenience store, plan to stop at grocery stores along the way. Grocery stores are more likely to have gluten-free, pre-packaged options as well as fruit, veggies etc… Also, most grocery stores are more economical than shopping at convenience stores.

6) Ask friends:

Before going on a trip, ask if they recommend places to eat on the way to your destination or at your destination. First-hand advice is always helpful, and a perfect place to ask- is our Gluten-Free Foodee Facebook group. We have Gluten-Free Foodees from all over the world, so chances are someone has been where you are going, or lives there, so you could get some great advice.

7) Check out apps to help you locate local restaurants:

Check out our list of the best gluten-free apps to help you scan products, and find restaurants. Find Me Gluten Free is an excellent app, as they have great recommendations in any city you may be traveling to, as well as customer recommendations and reviews.

Here are 6 Tips For Gluten-Free Dining Out to help you select restaurants and know which questions to ask.

8) Stay Where You’ll Have Access to Kitchen Facilities:

If you are on a long trip, try to find hotels, or rentals that give you kitchen access, so you can prepare your own food, if you don’t want to go to, or don’t have access to gluten-free restaurants.

9) Phone charger:

Now this might not seem like a gluten-free essential; however, having a portable phone charger is essential as you have to be able to use your phone. Doesn’t everyone need their phone on a car trip? Yes, but you may need to check a restaurant’s menu to see if it has changed or to get their number to call, and ask a specific question. Also, looking up snacks etc… so having a portable charger is always a good idea, and especially if you are gluten-free.

Is your road trip on the way to a campground? You need these gluten-free camping tips to help.

Armed with these gluten-free road trip tips, your road trip experience should be a resounding success!

Do you have any gluten-free road trip tips that we should add to our list?
Remember that by sharing our experiences and knowledge, we are able to live our best gluten-free lives.
Safe travels.

“When you go on a road trip, the trip itself becomes part of the story.” 
Steve Rushin

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