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11 Tips for Hosting Gluten-Free Guests

by Elyse the Gluten-Free Foodee

Hosting gluten-free guests can seem daunting to those without food sensitivities. As the host, you want your guests to be safe and comfortable. That is why we are sharing these tips for hosting gluten-free guests.

Perhaps, if you are the “gluten-free guest” you can thoughtfully forward this post to the host, to make their event go smoother.

These tips for hosting gluten-free guests are great for the holiday season and throughout the year. As before you know it, Super Bowl Sunday will be here.

Previously, we shared 5 tips for being a good gluten-free guest, in order to help you in any social situation.

11 Tips for Hosting Gluten-Free Guests

1) Ask about food allergies and dietary restrictions: No matter who is coming over you should always ask about their dietary needs. This is not just a polite, and considerate thing to do – it can make guests feel safe and welcome. Need help finding dairy-free and gluten-free recipes? We have you covered- click here.

2) Set your menu ahead of time: Yes, menus are not always done on the fly, but the further in advance you set your menu, the more time you have for research. You can always run your menu by your guests, for suggestions. If you are making pasta, ask them which is their favourite gluten-free brand so you can purchase that brand.

3) Look up recipes: Even if you are making a family favourite that you have made a thousand times before, it is always helpful to Google a gluten-free version, to learn if there are any cooking tips or tricks you should know about. An example is when I made my family’s traditional stuffing recipe. I found that I had to cut down on the amount of liquid that I used, and change some of the steps to achieve a result that is exactly like the regular sage stuffing, that we love. Check out our gluten-free sage stuffing recipe here and other Thanksgiving recipes here.

4) Make sure condiments are gluten-free: No matter what you are making, you might want to offer ketchup, BBQ Sauce, or mayonnaise, as condiments or they might be ingredients in your recipes. We have put together the ultimate gluten-free condiments list to help you navigate this- we even have a salad dressing list.

5) Put sauces on the side: If you aren’t sure of the ingredients, or you know a sauce contains gluten- leave it on the side. This way as long as the main element of the dish is gluten-free, your guests can still enjoy it. It can be frustrating to have made a gluten-free meal, only to ruin it by pouring a non-gluten-free sauce over it.

6) Be careful of cross-contact: Try to use metal utensils while cooking, as plastic, silicone, and wood, are porous and difficult to thoroughly clean. As such, they can hold onto gluten. Also, you can make it a rule to cook/prepare the gluten-free meal first, and the meal which contains gluten afterwards. Read more about cross-contact here.

7) Keep gluten-free and gluten food separate: If you are making a charcuterie board (tips for the best gluten-free Charcuterie board here) it is best to make sure all meats, cheeses etc… are gluten-free, and then serve the crackers or types of bread on separate dishes/bowls, so gluten cracks don’t contaminate the gluten-free crackers. Also, making gluten-free Charcuterie cups is a great way to keep cross-contact at a minimum.

8) Ensure chocolate or candies placed in candy dishes are safe: Check out the ultimate gluten-free chocolate list and the ultimate gluten-free candy list, to find gluten-free options that everyone can enjoy.

9) Have gluten-free snacks: You might want to have snacks available for your guests, depending on the time of your event. Check out our gluten-free snack list for ideas and our ultimate gluten-free chip list to have safe options.

10) Take advantage of an offer to bring something: If a gluten-free guest wants to know what they can bring, choose something you might be struggling with, like crackers, a dessert, a box of dry pasta etc… This way you both know that the item will be delicious and safe.

11) Ensure that all drinks are gluten-free: This is true of flavoured creamers, or other drinks. You need to be especially careful with alcohol- check out our guide to the best gluten-free alcohol choices to help serve safe options that everyone can enjoy, responsibly together.

With these 10 tips for hosting gluten-free guests, you will be fully prepared to take on your hosting duties. Always remember if you have a question, you can ask your guest or even join our Gluten-Free Foodees Facebook Group, to get answers and ideas. Know that the extra effort you have gone to is always much appreciated because often gluten-free people have issues with eating out, as it’s food that they haven’t prepared.

Do you have any tips for hosting gluten-free guests that we missed?

Leave us a comment below and let us know, as we love hearing from our fellow Gluten-Free Foodees.

Remember by sharing our experiences and ideas we are all able to live our very best gluten-free lives.

“Good friends. Good wine. Good food. Good times.”

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