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5 Tips for Being a Good Gluten-Free Guest

by Elyse the Gluten-Free Foodee

When attending a social gathering, most people are not worried about the menu. They can safely assume that there will be something that they can enjoy, or pick at. This is not necessarily true for those of us who are gluten-free. Today, we are sharing 5 tips for being a good gluten-free guest to help you in any social situation.

These tips are mostly about home entertaining, as we have another list of gluten-free tips for dining out. There are also tips for how to support the gluten-free person in your life or to pass the info on to people in your life, who have a gluten-free person, in their family or friend circle.

5 Tips for Being a Good Gluten-Free Guest

1) Alert the host: Not everyone thinks to ask about dietary restrictions. This doesn’t mean they don’t care about your, or anyone else’s dietary needs. But if they aren’t regularly exposed to people with these dietary issues, it might not occur to them to ask. Politely let them know you would love to attend, but they should know you are gluten-free. Perhaps this can result in a compromise.

2) Ask about the menu: Inquire as to what kind of event it is. Is it a dinner party where they are cooking, or will it be catered, or a potluck, or just a wine and cheese party? This will help you gauge the situation.

3) Offer to bring something appropriate for the event: If they are serving pasta, and you know you can have the sauce, offer to bring your favourite gluten-free pasta to boil there. For a potluck, you may want to make a gluten-free soup, or stew, that can double as your main dish. Know that if you are able to eat the main course, it is a thoughtful gesture to offer to bring a smaller gluten-free cake or a cupcake, that you can have, so you don’t feel left out. When in doubt, a gluten-free dessert is always a great choice to bring.

4) Let the host know they can ask you any questions: Some people have no clue about what is and aren’t gluten-free, and they may not feel that Google is reliable. Tell them you are a text, or call away and are willing to answer any questions they may have.

5) If you are unsure about the menu eat before, or afterwards: There have been times with catering, or other events that I didn’t know what the meal included. In this case, there is nothing wrong with eating a light meal or snack before you go. This way you are not starving at the event. Alternatively, you can have a snack, or light meal afterwards if the meal doesn’t work out. For longer days you may want to bring a discrete snack along with you.

Events aren’t necessarily about food, but rather the people gathering together. However, you never want to be seen as rude, so politely addressing your dietary concerns, in advance, is a must. Armed with these 5 tips for being a good gluten-free guest, you will be able to attend any event.

Do you have any gluten-free guest tips for being a good guest?
Leave us a comment below and let us know.
By sharing information with one another, we are all about to live our best gluten-free lives.

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