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The Ultimate Gluten-Free Father’s Day Gift List

by Elyse the Gluten-Free Foodee

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve got you covered with our Gluten-Free Father’s Day Gift list.

We shared our Gluten-Free Mother’s Day Gift list, not long ago, (and there are some great ideas to use as inspiration), but now it is time to celebrate the men in our lives. This list will have something for everyone. No matter who you celebrate with, whether it be a dad, an uncle, a grandfather, a stepdad, a Godfather, or whoever has made a lasting and special impact on your life-we have you covered. We also have a variety of price points, so you have options, no matter your budget.

Father’s Day is a day to tell these remarkable men, how much you love, and appreciate them, and to make them feel special- so any gift, thoughtfully chosen, will be very much appreciated.

There are many great gifts you can get, that are not the requisite tie, like

The list does on, but putting in the effort for a Gluten-Free Father’s Day Gift is giving a more specialized present for Dad that will mean the world to him.

If you want to add chocolate or candy to your gift check out our Ultimate Gluten-Free Chocolate List and Ultimate Gluten-Free Candy List for an idea of what sweet treats are safe for them to enjoy.

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Father’s Day Gift List

Home Gluten-Free Beer Brewing Kit:

Beer is something a lot of people who go gluten-free miss. Yes, you can get it from local breweries or find specialty items; however, this is a treat and a fun hobby.
So if your dad is missing out on beer, pick out a gluten-free at-home beer-making kit for him. The beer will taste so much better after having the experience of making it yourself. Also, you can pair this with a nice set of beer mugs, to complete the pub experience at home.

Bar set:

If Dad enjoys a cocktail, invest in a nice bar set and pair it with a gluten-free tequila, gluten-free vodka, or gluten-free gin. Click here to read more about gluten-free alcohol options. Additionally, you could get him gluten-free mixers, so he can get his cocktail on! This also pairs well with fancy ice cube molds.

Gluten-free BBQ rub:

If dad is BBQ obsessed, there are many gluten-free BBQ rubs on the market. If Dad doesn’t like making gluten-free chicken rub or gluten-free pork rub himself, you can buy him some new rubs for him to try. Remember when you aren’t making rubs to ensure they are gluten-free as gluten-containing ingredients are used to keep rubs from clumping. By buying rubs you might open Dad up to new fun flavour combinations.

Gluten-free BBQ Sauce:

A set of gluten-free BBQ sauces like Primal Kitchen Organic Unsweetened BBQ & Steak Sauce Three-Pack, (which is gluten-free) is a great accompaniment to any BBQ meal. BBQ dads will love this gift, and if you want to explore more delicious options, check out our gluten-free BBQ sauce list.

Grill Mat:

Getting a Set of 100% Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mats is a great gift to help Dad prevent cross-contact. Placing this mat on the grill still allows for flavour and grill marks. These mats are mostly used for grilling fruits, and vegetables, so they don’t fall through the grates of the BBQ, or to help flakey foods like fish, not stick. However, you can use them to grill gluten-free burgers and buns on the same grill as gluten-containing products, to help prevent cross-contact- yes, you should use different tongs and BBQ utensils, or wash them well, so they don’t transfer gluten. This gift would pair well with a set of BBQ utensils, or an ultimate BBQ kit containing all the tools you could ever use to BBQ like a pro.

Digital food thermometer:

If he loves to cook, or BBQ, a reliable digital thermometer is a must. You can get ones like MEATER Plus which connect to your phone – great for the tech guy. There are classic Instant Read Meat Thermometers and Infrared Thermometers. So, there are great thermometer options at any price point. This gift might pair well with gluten-free BBQ rubs or sauces.

Make a basket:

Do they love movie nights? Italian food? BBQ? Click here to read about all the amazing gluten-free gift baskets that you can easily make, and tailor to what they love to do/eat. Use the BBQ information above to inspire you to make the ultimate gluten-free BBQ basket.

Set of gluten-free hot sauces:

Does Dad love hot sauce? Gift him a set of gluten-free hot sauces that he can try on his chicken wings or just about anything else, that needs a kick of hot sauce. Great options include Cooper’s Small Batch Hot Sauce Gift Set, Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce 6 Pack Gift Set, or Mini Hot Sauce Gift Set by Tabanero. If you want to explore more options, check out our gluten-free hot sauce list.

A cooler:

A reliable cooler is something you need if you’re gluten-free, as it allows you the freedom to have snacks and food prepared with you, at any time. It was a must on our list of gluten-free road trip tips. Know what he needs when picking the perfect cooler. He might need a small lunch bag cooler, a soft car cooler for shorter trips or a large cooler for longer trips, like beach days and camping.


Toasters are a major point of cross-contact in most kitchens, and not everyone has two toasters. However, for that celiac or severely gluten intolerant person having their own toaster, is preventing another source of cross-contamination. While two-slice toasters are fine, I do recommend one with wider slots that allow for bagels or buns. Click here for more gluten-free kitchen essentials that would make amazing gifts.


Everyone and their dad is into air fryers these days, (I know I am). If dad loves cooking or even just reheating take-out/ loves frozen food this is a game-changing kitchen appliance. You can even get ones that have an indoor grill for a year-round perfect BBQ.

Camping cooking gear:

As you may not be able to adequately clean pots and pans while camping, getting a set of pots and pans, and camping cooking gear that will be strictly kept for gluten-free food, might be a great idea. You can pair them with their own portable folding grill, or a camping stove.

Coffee Dad:

He might be missing out on his favourite flavoured coffee drink. Pair a Father’s Day mug or travel mug, with his favourite brand of coffee beans, and gluten-free coffee syrups. By having flavoured syrups at home, Dad can mix and make his favourite latte at home. All while knowing that it is completely safe, for him to enjoy.

Coffee maker:

If you are looking for a larger ticket item, you can get Dad an espresso maker, or a coffee maker to be able to make a coffee shop-worthy brew. You can even get him a camping coffee maker if he is going camping this summer. Once again pair it with gluten-free coffee syrups.

Gift Cards: 

Gift cards to a grocery store with a great gluten-free selection/gluten-free bakery/ or a restaurant that is gluten-free or caters to gluten-free customers is a much-appreciated gift. Gluten-free food is more expensive, and giving them a gift card they can use to try something new or get their favourite treat.

Armed with this Gluten-Free Father’s Day Gift List you will be able to get something for anyone on your list.

Do you have any other gift ideas we should add to our Gluten-Free Father’s Day Gift List?

Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Father’s Day!

"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of song."
– Unknown

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