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The Ultimate Gluten-Free Mother’s Day Gift List

Mother’s Day is coming up fast, and we’ve got you covered with our Gluten-Free Mother’s Day Gift list.

This list will have something for everyone. No matter who you celebrate this special day with, albeit it is your mom, mother-in-law, aunt, grandmother, stepmother, Godmother or whoever makes a special impact on your life- we have you covered. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to tell these exceptional people, who you love, and appreciate, that you want to make them feel special, and a trifle spoiled.

There are many great gifts that you can get, like:

The list goes on…

Putting in the effort for a unique, more specialized Gluten-Free Mother’s Day Gift, will mean the world to your special person.

If you want to add chocolate, or candy to your gift, check out our Ultimate Gluten-Free Chocolate List and Ultimate Gluten-Free Candy List for an idea of what sweet treats are safe for them to enjoy.

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Mother’s Day Gift List

Recipe Binder for keeping her gluten-free recipes: I like ones that have a three-ring binder. This is so you can add your favourite gluten-free recipes printed from the internet. Yes, you can look them up on your phone, but sometimes a hard copy, of a real success recipe, is nice to have. Also, you can write notes and tips on paper copies.

Toaster: Toasters are a major point of cross-contact in most kitchens, and not everyone has two toasters. Getting whoever you are buying for their own toaster, would be very appreciated. While two-slice toasters are fine, I do recommend one with wider slots that allow for bagels and other bread products. Click here for more gluten-free kitchen essentials that would make for an amazing gift.

All-in-one pan: Pots and pans are always a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, as it isn’t something you buy yourself. By getting an all-in-one pan (it’s a frying pan, pot, steamer etc… all-in-one,) you are replacing multiple items without taking up a lot of cupboard space. Depending on mom’s level of gluten sensitivity, she might want to keep that pan for gluten-free cooking only, to cut out cross-contact.

Air-Fryer: Everyone is loving their air fryers these days (I know I am,) and if mom doesn’t have one, it is a game-changing kitchen appliance. You can even get ones that also have an indoor grill, for a year-round perfect BBQ.

Indoor Herb Planter: There are a lot to choose from, that range from simple windowsill pots to Hydroponics Growing Systems. Either way, anyone who loves to cook will enjoy being able to grow herbs easily, and indoors, and they can be maintained year-round.

Bread Maker: Bread Lover on your gift list? Making bread, or just trying your hand at perfecting gluten-free bread, a bread maker might be the perfect gift. Getting a bread maker with a gluten-free setting is a must. Many people from our Gluten-Free Foodees Facebook Group have recommended this feature.

Digital Kitchen Scale: Buying for an avid baker? Then a Digital Kitchen Scale is a great gift idea. Weighing ingredients is the most precise way to bake rather than using measuring cups (not that we don’t love measuring cups). However, gluten-free baking requires precision, and a scale will take any baker to the next level.

Bar set: If mom likes to mix a cocktail, buy her a bar set and pair it with a gluten-free tequila, gluten-free vodka, or gluten-free gin. Click here to read more about gluten-free alcohol options. Additionally, you could get her gluten-free mixers so that she can get her cocktail on!

Beer: If mom likes a cold beer, pair beer mugs with a locally made gluten-free craft beer. Beer might be something she’s been missing, so finding something special will be meaningful. Also, this gift will be very appreciated with the summer grilling season approaching.

Jams and Jellies: though they are almost always gluten-free, getting fancy jams are a thoughtful gift for a mom who loves toast, and bonus points if they are labelled gluten-free.

For the Coffee Lover: Needing to know what is in everything you buy is exhausting, and mom might be missing out on her favourite flavoured coffee drink. Pair a Mother’s Day mug or travel mug, with her favourite brand of coffee beans, and gluten-free coffee syrups. By having flavoured syrups at home, mom mixes and makes her favourite lattes at home, all while knowing it is completely safe.

Coffee maker: If you are looking for a larger ticket item, you can get Mom an espresso, or coffee maker to be able to make a coffee shop-worthy brew. Once again pair it with gluten-free coffee syrups.

Tea: Some flavoured teas can have barley and other gluten additives in them. Treat mom to a chest of gluten-free teas.

Tea kettle: This is again something that many people don’t think about upgrading. Make the tea kettle something she’ll be proud to keep on the counter, and not have to hide away. Pair it with the above teas.

Make a basket: Do they love movie nights? Italian food? Baking? Click here to read about all the amazing gluten-free gift baskets that you can easily make, and tailor to what their interests are, and what gluten-free foods they enjoy.

Gift Cards: Give a grocery store with a great gluten-free selection/gluten-free bakery/ or a restaurant that is gluten-free, or caters to gluten-free customers. Gluten-free food is more expensive, and giving a gift card they can use to buy something new or get their favourite products, would be very much appreciated.

.Armed with this Gluten-Free Mother’s Day Gift List, you will be able to get something for everyone on your list.

Do you have any other gift ideas we should add to our Gluten-Free Mother’s Day Gift List?

Let us know in the comments below.

“To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." Dr Seuss

Happy Mother’s Day!

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