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Celebrate With Treats From Local Gluten-Free Businesses

by Elyse the Gluten-Free Foodee
Celebrate With Treats From Local Gluten-Free Businesses

Welcome to the gluten-free Foodee blog. While we are well aware that we do cater to a worldwide audience, seeing as I am Canadian, and today is Canada Day, I thought I would launch our blog by highlighting treats made by our local gluten-free businesses. These are three small local gluten-free/wheat free businesses that I love. The saying goes think global and act local, so we’re acting local today by highlighting these great spots.

Celebrate With Treats From Local Gluten-Free Businesses


Tartistry gluten-free butter tarts are the best bought butter tarts I’ve ever had. The Tartistry butter tart has a flaky and delicious gluten-free pastry that they fill with whimsical and innovative takes on the traditional Canadian classic butter tart. Personal favourites of mine are the plain, raisin, Nutella (yes, Nutella and butter tart go together and no it is not overly sweet), and s’mores. I even bought their zero sugar version for the diabetic in my life, and they love the butter tarts as well. This is an innovative and inclusive company that makes something for everyone – they have vegan, keto, and savory options too.

Schioso Gluten Free Foods:

Schioso is a fantastic gluten-free bakery you can get the best bagels, bread, great buns, and the pastries are just delicious. There is a shortbread raspberry square that is out of this world. And their tiramisu is probably the best tiramisu I’ve ever had with or without gluten. They do go into the savory world as well, as they offer pastas, chicken fingers, pizza, and even do catering. Everything at the store is gluten-free, Italian inspired food, but they do offer other dishes like pierogis. The menu is expansive and there’s always something new available. And quite frankly I’ve never been disappointed.

Mariposa Market:

Mariposa Market is situated in Orillia, Ontario and is a traditional bakery meaning that they do use regular flour in the majority of their products. Know that they are not a dedicated gluten-free facility. So, why are they on the list? They offer wheat-free alternatives, so if you are celiac this may not be for you, as there is a high risk of cross-contamination because the same kitchen is being used. However, if you are OK with cross-contamination you definitely want to go here. Their mini cakes are like a giant version of a cupcake, but small enough for one person and they come in a variety of delicious and interesting flavours. They also make great bread, sandwiches, cookies, and cinnamon buns.

If you’re in Ontario or not, and you can get great treats from local gluten-free businesses – let it inspire you to look at apps like Find Me Gluten-Free, to try to find local gluten-free businesses around you and stop by. Find out what their most popular item is, and give it a try. Going somewhere new, let’s you see some different GF foods, while helping to support local gluten-free businesses.

Gluten-free foods have become so mainstream in the past several years. It’s so encouraging to see small businesses embracing this previous ignored group.

What are some of your favourite spots in your area? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Happy Canada Day!

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