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Round-Up of Gluten-Free Taco Shell Reviews

by Elyse the Gluten-Free Foodee
Round-Up of Gluten-Free Taco Shell Reviews

Tacos are something that everyone loves. We even associate Tuesday’s with them! They are the perfect meal for a BBQ, party, small gathering, or a weeknight dinner. Plus, they are easy to adapt to a variety of diets. Trying to find a great taco shell when you’re eating a gluten-free diet, can be challenging (especially if you enjoy a soft taco shell). So, today we’re sharing a round-up of gluten-free taco shell reviews to help you find the better ones.

I have tried many gluten-free taco shells with mixed results. Some lacked flavour, had poor texture, fell apart, and generally failed as a taco shell. Happily, none of today’s gluten-free taco shell reviews, represent compromise in any way because we don’t have to settle for less than or compromise on flavour, texture, and/or consistency etc… just because we eat gluten-free.

When it comes to taco shells, they primarily come in two varieties: hard, and soft shell. The main ingredient in all four of the tacos we are reviewing, is corn. We have two hard shells, one of which is a standard crunchy taco shell, the other is a wider stand and stuff crunchy taco shell. Then there are the two soft corn tortillas, one slightly thicker than the other- but both are delicious.

Round-Up of Gluten-Free Taco Shell Reviews

All of our gluten-free taco shells reviews earned our GFF Seal of Approval (woohoo!) so you can’t go wrong with any of them. Read on for more details.

Casa Bonita 100 % Yellow Corn Tortillas: Score 48/50

Review Summary: These are a thicker Tortilla shell that is full of flavor, does not crumble and holds fillings well. See review card below for how it scored in each category (click/tap to enlarge).

EL Popo Yellow Corn Tortillas: Score 45/50

Review Summary: Delicious flavour but they have a tendency to crumble when warmed if not oiled. See review card below for how it scored in each category (click/tap to enlarge).

Gluten-Free Product Review - EL Popo Yellow Corn Tortillas

Old El Paso Gluten-Free Stand n’ Stuff Taco Shells: Score 48/50

Review Summary: These tacos are delicious and they are wider and stand up in your plate making them easier to fill and eat. See review card below for how it scored in each category (click/tap to enlarge).

Old El Paso Gluten-Free Taco Crunchy Shells: Score 46/50

Review Summary: Though these are narrow and do crumble as you eat them; they are a perfect gluten-free crunchy taco for a taco night. See review card below for how it scored in each category (click/tap to enlarge).

A taco shell can be a vessel for a variety of foods like pulled pork tacos, beef or fish tacos. When using the soft corn tortillas they can be used for the above applications or they can be used to make an incredible quesadilla. A fabulous way to use up leftovers (like roast beef or chicken) is to add cheese and make a quick quesadilla.

Was your favourite taco shell highlighted in our round-up of gluten-free taco shell reviews? If not what is your favourite gluten-free taco shell? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We love hearing from you, our Gluten-Free Foodees, and learning from each other.

“Live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday.”

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