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10 Recipes for Picky Gluten-Free Eaters

Cooking for picky eaters is never easy. Cooking for picky gluten-free eaters is even more challenging. As a former picky eater myself, I’ve compiled a list of 10 recipes for gluten-free picky eaters that anyone will love.

In our Gluten-Free Foodees Facebook group, I get asked a lot about recipes for gluten-free picky eaters. The recipes we have highlighted below are not the only recipes we have that fit the bill, but they are the easiest recipes that will have a wide appeal. These recipes are great for kids and the young at heart, so there is something for everyone.

10 Recipes for Picky Gluten-Free Eaters

1) The Ultimate Gluten-Free Buttermilk Pancake Recipe:

Being able to make gluten-free pancakes from scratch is a must and this recipe makes it easy. Though it calls for buttermilk, you can simply mix vinegar with milk (as the recipe outlines) as a substitution. It is a lot of fun to cup pancakes into sticks and allow kids to dip them in syrup. Looking for more pancake recipes? Try our gluten-free bread pudding pancakes or the best gluten-free French toast recipe.

2) The Best Gluten-Free Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Without A Roux:

This is an easy and delicious recipe that you can add a crunchy topping to when you bake it off. Not to mention the ways to customize the dish with mixins are endless- we outline a list of them in the recipe. If you have leftovers you can turn them into our gluten-free fried macaroni and cheese squares recipe. So last night’s dinner can become an appetizer or buffet offering the next day.

3) The Best Gluten-Free Oven-Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe Ever:

There is no easier tomato sauce than roasted cherry tomato sauce. The combination of oven-roasting and cherry tomatoes ensures the sauce is always sweet and never acidic. I can personally attest that this recipe is even toddler approved as my friend’s kids go crazy for it.

4) Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie Recipe:

Not only is this an easy make-ahead meal it is delicious and you can hide vegetables in it- which makes it a win-win. While this is a slightly heavier dish it is something I like to make year round.

5) Gluten-Free Pizza dough:

Everyone loves pizza. However, the gluten-free dough can be thin and cracker-like or full of seeds. This gluten-free dough is light, fluffy, and everything that good pizza should be. A gluten-free picky eater will love to be able to pick their toppings and enjoy a traditional slice of pizza that look or taste different. You can even use this dough to make gluten-free sausage in a blanket, a universally loved recipe.

6) One Pan Gluten-Free Chicken and Rice Recipe:

Another easy meal that everyone will enjoy. Chicken and rice is a classic combination and this is a delicious, but straightforward dish perfect for picky eaters

7)The Best Gluten-Free Stuffed Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs Recipe:

This is a recipe I personally loved as a kid and was thrilled to be able to adapt to a gluten-free diet. Chicken thighs are a juicy cut of meat and stuffing is always a winner- the combination is unbeatable. You can make your own stuffing as we did or use your favourite gluten-free boxed stuffing mix.

8)The Best Gluten-Free Chicken Cutlet Recipe Ever:

Breaded chicken, especially cutlets, is a staple of the picky eater’s diet. This recipe can be topped with some leftover tomato sauce and cheese to make chicken parmesan. Also, cutlets are great served cold so they make for an awesome lunch no matter if it is cut up with a favorite gluten-free sauce or made into a sandwich.

9)The Best Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie Recipe:

Creamy chicken and light and fluffy biscuits make this something that gluten-free picky eaters will love. Again, this is a recipe you can make ahead and bake off the next day. You can even freeze the chicken filling, defrost it, top it with the quick biscuits and bake it off.

10) Gluten-Free Bacon Wrapped Mini Meatloaves Recipe:

These meatloaves are perfect because you get everything in every meatloaf. There is no end piece that doesn’t get bacon or cheese. The bacon-wrapped meatloaves cook so much faster than traditional meatloaf, and you could make them and freeze them for fast dinners another night.

With the help of these recipes, you will win over any gluten-free picky eaters you are cooking for.

What are some of your favourite recipes for gluten-free picky eaters? Do you have any tips to share? Remember that by sharing information we are all able to live our best gluten-free lives.


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