About the Gluten-Free Foodee

Welcome to the Gluten-Free Foodee blog! I’m Elyse, the Gluten-Free Foodee (GFF for short). I am a homecook on a mission to either adapt traditionally gluten recipes or create new recipes that are always 100% gluten-free. They may also be nightshade-free or vegetarian or vegan but they will always be gluten-free recipes

The gluten-free food chapters of my life began after finding out I had non-celiac gluten sensitivity that was greatly increasing my inflammation levels. It’s been a discovery journey ever since that I’m still on. I’ve learned to identify alternative sources of gluten and look for the hidden and not-so hidden gluten lurking all around us. I also continue to learn how to best swap it out or substitute it without compromising the end result of the recipe. My goal with every recipe is to create a dish that you cannot tell is gluten-free. I want to get rid of the “compromised food” stigma gluten-free food has.  

Along with being gluten-free, I also:

  • am a HUGE baseball fan (Go Jays!!);
  • LOVE the Oxford comma.
  • have an English Lit honours degree so I absorb books and I love writing.
  • love all special occasions especially those that come with decorations (Christmas is my favourite of all),
  • love Broadway musicals, Disney movies, the Backstreet Boys, and Burton Cummings (not in that order);
  • am a complete beauty/makeup junkie. I write about this side of me on my Older Slightly Wiser blog; and
  • love all things pop culture. There’s a long list of books, TV shows, movies, and plays I could rhyme off here but this post would never end. I have to give a special shout out to RuPaul’s Drag Race because drag queens fill my heart with joy. Again, I write about this side of my personality on my Older Slightly Wiser blog.

So that’s pretty much me. I look forward to sharing my gluten-free recipes, gluten-free product reviews and tips on living gluten-free with you. And I look forward to getting to know everyone in the GFF community. Feel free to drop me a note anytime to share your gluten-free experiences, tips, and recipes or say hey.

Thanks for reading.


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